The Wedge is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Wedge is a small yellowish colored wedge-shaped block with a handle at one end.



The Wedge can be found hanging from a hook high up on a machine above the entrance to the city.


To get the Wedge Josef will have to first complete the Pipe Control Puzzle. This will move one of the overhead pipes to a lower position. Josef will then be able to go up the steps extend himself and get onto the pipe. He can then move along the pipe to reach out and grab the Wedge.


To derail one of the mine carts. He can do this by placing the Wedge on one of the rails of the mine cart track. If he pulls the lever at the top of the steps a mine cart will travel out of the mine. The mine cart will speed down the slope hit the Wedge and come off the tracks.