Umbrella Woman


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Docks

Plot Item(s)

  • Umbrella
  • Dog
  • Plunger Gun
10. Docks

The Umbrella Woman standing next to the leaking pipe.

The Umbrella Woman is a Character in the game.

The Umbrella Woman is a female robot who is looking for her lost Dog. She holds an Umbrella, an item that Josef needs to continue on his journey.


The Umbrella Woman is a tall, pink robot who is apparently female. She has wires sticking out from her head resembling hair. Her eyes have two square flaps on top of each eye, and below each eye, resembling eyelashes. She also has a small hole for her mouth that's perfect for blowing a whistle she has. Her torso seems to resemble a skirt, and like most robots, she has thin limbs. She also has a pink umbrella that is vital for Josef.



The first and only appearance of the Umbrella Woman is in the the Docks area. She is standing right next to a broken pipe with an umbrella. When Josef asks for her umbrella, she agrees to hand it over only if Josef finds and returns her lost Dog. While Josef goes out to find the Dog, she continues to blow her whistle, looking for the dog as well. Once Josef returns with the Dog, she'll grab the Dog, throw the Plunger Gun into the water, and then hand over her Umbrella to Josef.