Temple Priest
Temple priest


- Minor Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Clock Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Paper Note
Temple priest note

The Paper Note.

Temple priest tower

The Temple Priest looking out from the Temple window (top middle)

The Temple Priest is a Character in the game.

The Temple Priest is a minor character that plays a minor role in the game.


The Temple Priest seems to be wearing some type of turban or similar headgear. On the front of the turban is a red badge, a red feather or some other type of insignia. The Temple Priest has staring eyes in a pink face above a mouth with a serious expression. The Temple Priest has its arms crossed over the front of its chest, perhaps as a symbolic religious gesture.


Clock SquareEdit

The Temple Priest appears at the top of the right-hand tower of the Temple. There is a paper note on the door of the temple tower showing how to summon the priest. When the Temple Priest is successfully summoned he will appear from behind the window shutters at the top of the right-hand tower of the Temple. To summon the priest the player must solve part of the Temple Clock Puzzle. See: Temple Clock Puzzle