Sunflower plant

The Sunflower Plant is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Sunflower Plant is a small young seedling plant with only four leaves and a small root.


Buskers’ SquareEdit

The Sunflower Plant can be found lying on the ground by the City Gate.


To get the Sunflower Plant Josef will have to help the Saxophone Player in the Robot Band. The When Josef speaks to the Saxophone Player it shows that it is unable to play because the keys are missing on its saxophone. Josef will have to help the Saxophone Player to get its keys back. The Pub Game Player is using the keys as pieces for the Pub Gomoku Puzzle. Josef will have to beat the Pub Game Player at the gomoku game to get the keys back and return them to the Saxophone Player. The Saxophone Player will then play and the Angry Woman that lives above the City Gate will throw a flowerpot with a Sunflower Plant out of her window. The flowerpot will smash on to the ground and Josef can then pick up the Sunflower Plant.


The young seedling Sunflower Plant can be grown-on in the Glasshouse and then some Sunflower Seeds can be collected from the mature Sunflower Plant by Josef.