Stepladder Robot
Stepladder robot


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Arcade Bridge

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15. Arcade Bridge

The Stepladder Robot repairing the junction boxes.

The Stepladder Robot is a Character in the game.

The Stepladder Robot is an important character that will have to be tricked for a special purpose.


The most noticeable thing about this robot is the stepladder, it is not known if this robot is sitting on long robotic walking legs or if the stepladder legs are its own legs. It has a short cylindrical body and head composed of three equal sections. The top section is its head which has a flat top and three slots on each side representing ear holes. It has protruding conical eyes and a small hole for a mouth. The two body sections each have a ladder rung on the back. The middle section has two small holes with thin grey arms coming out. The long legs are like a stepladder hinged from a sort of metal hip or pelvis. Each stepladder leg has two suction cup feet to give stability. The Stepladder Robot is able to walk by alternately rocking the stepladder legs. The Stepladder Robot is an electrician repairman and is soldering red wiring in two junction boxes.


Arcade BridgeEdit

The Stepladder Robot only appears in the Arcade Bridge Level. The Stepladder Robot cannot interact with Josef by communicating but Josef can use the robot to his own advantage. Josef is able to climb up onto the top of the Stepladder Robot and stand on its head. From here he can reach the Cat sleeping on the glass roof of the machinery building. But first Josef will have to make the Stepladder Robot move to the right. Josef can achieve this by climbing onto the robot’s head and unplugging the robot’s soldering iron. Whilst the robot is distracted Josef can pull on a long red wire hanging from the left-hand junction box. This will make the robot move to the right-hand junction box. Josef will now be able to climb on top of the Stepladder Robot and reach the Cat.