Walkthrough Book Icon

The walkthrough book icon.

Spiders game

The Spiders Puzzle.

Walkthrough Book

The Walkthrough Book with the Spiders Puzzle lock.

Spiders game on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

The Spiders Puzzle (or Walkthrough Book Lock Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - All Levels.


  • The Book Icon at the far right of the Inventory at the top of the game screen.


  • Click on the Book Icon in the Inventory and the game walkthrough book will appear on the screen. The mini-game is on the front of the walkthrough book. Click on the round button between the two triangular buttons and the mini-game will start.


  • On the front of game walkthrough book there is a lock in the form of a small monitor screen. To unlock the walkthrough book the spiders mini-game will have to be completed on the small monitor screen. To the right side of the screen are three buttons; two triangular buttons with a round button between them. Clicking on the round button will start the spiders game. The spiders game involves guiding a key through a maze of obstacles and spiders. The key can fire bullets at the spiders to make them disappear. There are only two controls: control 1 moves the key up and down and control 2 fires the bullets. If the key touches a spider or an obstacle the game will end and have to be restarted. There is more than one maze and the different mazes come up at random.


  • The object of the spiders mini-game is to get the key through the maze and then into the lock at the end. When the key enters the lock the walkthrough book will open.


  • There is no solution to this puzzle it just has to be played.
  • Hints:
    • keep firing the bullets all of the time, because spiders off the screen to the right can be killed before they come onto the screen. This will help to clear the maze ahead giving time to position the key.
    • Try to remember or make notes about the difficult areas of the different mazes.
    • Try to remember or take notes about the easy mazes that come up.


  • Access to the pages of the game walkthrough book.

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