Robot's arm

The Smoking Robot’s Arm is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Smoking Robot’s Arm is a metal arm of a robot. It has a ball joint at one end and a pincher-like hand at the other end. The most noticeable feature of the arm is that it is telescopic and can reach a long distance to clasp things.


Prison CellsEdit

The Smoking Robot’s Arm can be found on the Smoking Robot who is sitting in the prison cell with Josef.


Josef will have to give the Smoking Robot a Cigarette. If Josef talks to the Smoking Robot he will ask Josef for a Cigarette. If Josef gives him the Cigarette the Smoking Robot will thank Josef and shake hands with him. Unfortunately the Smoking Robot’s arm will become detached from its body.


Josef can use the robot’s arm to explore the adjacent prison cells through a small hole in the wall. In the far cell of the prison is the Prison Safe with the Broom placed on top. Josef can use the robot’s arm to clasp onto the leg of the safe and then shake it. Doing so will make the Broom fall off the safe and onto the floor. Josef can then use the robot’s arm to pull the Broom through the hole into his own prison cell. When Josef has used the robot’s arm he will give it back to the Smoking Robot who will then reconnect his arm back onto its body.