Smoking Robot
Smoking robot


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Prison Cells

Plot Item(s)

  • Robot's arm
  • Cigarette
5. Prison Cells

The Smoking Robot in the Prison Cells.

The Smoking Robot is a Character in the game.

The Smoking Robot is in fact a robot that sits on the floor, asking for a Cigarette.

Character Edit

In appearance, the Smoking Robot looks very damaged. He has a round head, almost looking skeletal. He is missing his left eye, and his right eye is very small and white. He has a long mouth stretched across his head as well. Plus, the front of his face looks like it can be detached from the rest of his head. He has a rectangular body that is patterned with orange stripes, and he has a large hole in the middle of the chest, perhaps symbolizing that fact that he smokes. He has long arms, but also very short and small legs. His entire appearance is very rusty and dirty.


Prison CellsEdit

The Smoking Robot's first appearance is in the Prison Cells. He sits on the floor in the first cell where Josef is dumped into, in the corner to be precise. He asks Josef to give him something to smoke. When Josef finds the needed materials, Josef makes a Cigarette, which the Smoking Robot takes and shoves into his eyeless left socket. There's a brief shock, and soon he takes out the cigarette, which is lighted now, and he starts to smoke it. He goes to shake Josef's hand, but instead his entire arm falls off. Josef later returns the Smoking Robot's Arm, and the Smoking Robot easily puts it back on. The Smoking Robot sits in the cell for the rest of the game, even when Josef opens his cell door giving him the chance to escape.