Skinny Robot
Skinny robot


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Prison Cells
  • Guardroom

Plot Item(s)

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5. Prison Cells

The Skinny Robot in the Prison Cells.

The Skinny Robot is a Character in the game.

The Skinny Robot is an important character that appears on two occasions briefly in the beginning of the game. The Skinny Robot is always seen with the Fat Robot that looks similar.


The Skinny Robot is, of course, a very thin robot. He has thin limbs, and he has some sort of whistle sprouting from his head. His eyes are merely two rectangular holes in head, as goes for his mouth which is the same thing, only being a little wider. His body is patterned with white and orange stripes.


Prison CellsEdit

The Skinny Robot first appears in a locked cell in the prison with the Fat Robot. He stands still and doesn't do anything else, until Josef uses a robot's arm to move around into his cell. The Fat Robot notices the arm, along with the Skinny Robot, but is frightened. The Fat Robot jumps into the Skinny Robot's arms, and somehow, the Skinny Robot manges to hold the Fat Robot. When Josef is finished poking around with the arm, the Skinny Robot drops the Fat Robot.


Soon after, the Skinny Robot appears once more with the Fat Robot. After Josef sneaks behind the Thin Black Cap, stealing the Prison Cells Key from him and unlocking the Skinny Robot's cell, the Skinny Robot and Fat Robot will attempt to escape behind the Thin Black Cap's back. However, the Thin Black Cap soon realizes, and chases after them. But since Josef left scattered Bullets on the ground, the Thin Black Cap trips on them, and tumbles into another room. With that chance, the Skinny Robot, along with his friend, escape the room, with the Thin Black Cap getting up and chasing them out the door. It is unknown if the Skinny Robot is ever caught.