Security Guard
Security guard


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Clock Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Loudspeaker
  • Paper Note
Security guard note

The Paper Note.

14. Clock Square

The Security Guard reading at his post (top right)

The Security Guard is a Character in the game.

The Security Guard is an important character that will only leave its post for a special reason.


The Security Guard is a metallic bluish-grey coloured humanoid robot. It is wearing a hat with a square cubic crown and a square brim. It has a face with a slight smile, long cylindrical eyes and a long thin nose. It has long black coloured springs hanging from its temples perhaps representing ringlets. It has a conical shaped body that represents an overcoat of some kind with rivets down the front representing buttons. It has thin grey arms and legs and large suction cup shaped feet.

Note: it is not known what the Security Guard is doing, what its occupation is, or if it is actually engaged in a job of some kind like an ostiary. The guard does give the impression that it is perhaps a guard of some sort and is stationed to keep watch somehow. Why this robot is sitting at a large open balcony or window reading a newspaper or magazine is a mystery.


Clock SquareEdit

The Security Guard is first encountered sitting at a window of the security station of a building in Clock Square. Josef will not go into the building whilst the guard is stationed there. Josef will have to make the guard leave its post so that he can get the Loudspeaker that is just by the guard. The guard will only leave its post to go into the Temple when certain chimes ring from the Temple bell. There is a paper note pinned up in the square with a hint on how to get the Security Guard to leave its post. Part of the Temple Clock Puzzle will have to be solved to achieve the required result. See: Temple Clock Puzzle

When the puzzle is solved the guard will leave its post, exit the building and go to the Temple and enter inside. Josef will then be able to enter the guard's building, go up the stairs and collect the Loudspeaker. The Loudspeaker is an important Inventory Item and will have to be collected for later use.