Saxophone Player
Saxophone player


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Buskers' Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Saxophone Keys
  • Sunflower Plant
Robot band playing

The Saxophone Player playing music in Buskers' Square.

The Saxophone Player is a Character in the game.

The Saxophone Player is an important character that is a member of the Robot Band.


The Saxophone Player has the appearance of a tall grey metal humanoid robot. It has a big cylindrical oblong head with a cream coloured horizontal stripe below the eyes and a concertina neck. Above its head is a coiled wire perhaps representing curly hair? It has protruding eyes and a small protruding round mouth. Its ears are a series of small holes in a round pattern. It has a barrel-shaped body with two cream coloured horizontal stripes. It has thin grey arms and legs and suction cup styled feet.


Buskers' SquareEdit

The Saxophone Player is encountered next to the City Gate in Buskers’ Square. It is standing around with the other two members of the Robot Band. When Josef speaks to the Saxophone Player it shows that it is unable to play because the keys are missing on its saxophone. Josef will have to help the Saxophone Player to get its keys back. The Pub Game Player is using the keys as pieces for the Pub Gomoku Game. Josef will have to beat the Pub Game Player at the Gomoku game to get the keys back and return them to the Saxophone Player. The Saxophone Player will then play and the Angry Woman that lives above the City Gate will throw a flowerpot with a Sunflower Plant out of her window. The Sunflower Plant is an important Inventory Item.