Samorost Robot
Samorost robot


- Minor Character


- Interactive Character


  • Lobby

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25. Lobby

The Samorost Robot in the Lobby (far left)

The Samorost Robot is a Character in the game.

The Samorost Robot is a minor character that has an unusual and fascinating story to tell.


The Samorost Robot is a small square humanoid robot that seems to sleep a lot. It has a large square head in proportion to its body. On top of its head is a long wavy aerial with a knob at the end. Its eyes are round discs with slots when it is sleeping. It has small square legs with small square feet. It has small arms that rotate from round shoulder bearings. On the front of its body is a square hatch that it can open. Inside of the compartment behind the hatch is a red button that the robot used to use in its old guard duties.


The Samorost Robot is a character from another Amanita game called Samorost 2. It was a guard robot at the entrance to a world of strange blue beings. The robot used the red button inside its chest to open a great door so that the strange blue beings could bring their spaceship into the world below that they inhabited. If Josef talks to the Samorost Robot the robot will explain how he arrived in Machinarium. It seems that The Samorost Robot was dumped on the surface of the world of strange blue beings. In time he was covered in soil until he was no longer visible. Two guards from Machinarium visited the strange world to claim it as part of Machinarium territory. As they were planting a flag in a mound of soil they hit something metal. This metal object turned out to be the Samorost Robot. When the guards left the strange planet they took the Samorost Robot back to Machinarium with them. The Samorost Robot was placed on the wall of the Lobby like a trophy.



The Samorost Robot only appears in the Lobby Level.