- Important Character


- Sometimes interactive


  • Junkyard
  • Prison Cells
  • Guardroom
  • Buskers' Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Soft Toy
  • Josef's Leg
  • Manhole Cover Key

The Rodent is a Character in the game.

The Rodent appears in a few areas with different roles.


The various rodents in the game all look the same. They are oval-shaped little robots that have two big, red eyes on either side of the front of their body. The eyes look like that of a fly's eyes. The robot rodents also have a black mouth of some sort, that have sharp teeth, but can also move in a way that allows the rodents to suck on things. Of course, the rodents have four small legs that they use to walk with.



A Rodent appears in the Junkyard, running around in a pattern. It pauses in front of Josef's body, and if Josef attempts to give a Soft Toy to the Rodent, it'll accept, apparently looking for the toy, and give back one of Josef's legs. It then scurries away and disappears.

Prison CellsEdit

A Rodent also appears in the Prison Cells, in a secret little hole in the wall of the second chamber. It stands still, and if Josef accidentally moves an extended robot arm into the small room, the rodent bites it, making Josef pull back.


A Rodent next appears in the Maintenance Tunnel beneath the Guardroom. This Rodent steals and makes off with the Manhole Cover Key when Josef has used it to move the manhole cover.

Buskers' SquareEdit

The last Rodent in the game appears in Buskers' Square, hiding inside the instrument of the Didgeridoo Player. It prevents the Robot from playing the instrument, clogging the air hole. If Josef brings a Cat over to the instrument, the Cat will run inside the instrument and chase the Rodent away, as it runs off with the Cat following.