Pub Game Player
Pub game player


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Pub and Card Room

Plot Item(s)

  • Saxophone Keys
12. Pub and Card Room

The Pub Game Player at the game table in the Pub.

The Pub Game Player is a Character in the game.

The Pub Game Player is an important character who has something that Josef needs.


The Pub Game Player seems to be a humanoid old man robot. He has an ovoid head with a small hinged jaw below it. He has long cylindrical eyes that look a bit like telescopes. He has a long narrow neck that attaches his large head to his body. His body is short and drum shaped and has two horizontal hoops. He has small legs with prominent joints and round metal feet. He likes to play his Gomoku game and laughs out loud if he wins, but if he loses the game he will smash his fists down on the table in anger and frustration.


Pub and Card RoomEdit

The Pub Game Player sits at a table in the Pub studying a board game. He is using various things like nuts, bolts and screws as game pieces. He is also using as game pieces, five Saxophone Keys that Josef needs, If Josef sits at the table with him, he will ask Josef if he would like to play a game of Gomoku. If the Pub Game Player is beaten at the game, he will smash his fists down onto the table and the game pieces will fly off in all directions. The five Saxophone Keys will also fly off and land in different parts of the room. Josef can then simply pick them up, go outside and give them to the Saxophone Player.

Note: for hints on how to beat the Pub Game Player: see Pub Gomoku Puzzle.