Mini-game 5 - opener - easy 2

The Prison Safe Puzzle.

Mini-game 5 solved

The solution to the puzzle.

Mini-game 5 walkthrough book hint

The hint in the walkthrough book.

Mini-game 5 - easy 1

Easy game 1.

Mini-game 5 - opener - easy 2

Easy game 2.

Mini-game 5 - easy 3

Easy game 3.

Mini-game 5 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

The Prison Safe Puzzle (or Three Circles Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 8. Prison Corridor (level)


  • On the prison safe in the locked room.


  • Click the panel on the front of the prison safe; the Mini-game will then appear on screen.


  • A metal triangular plate with three circles interlocking on a small green triangle. The three circles can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise by clicking small direction arrows. There are six green lights and six red lights spaced on the circles.


  • To get all of the green lights into the green triangle.


  • There is no easy solution to this puzzle. There are mathematical equations that are too complex to go into here that can solve this puzzle.
  • There is however a way to make the task easier as follows:
  • There are many random starts to this game and the player should look for an easy start. If a difficult game is messed up; jump Josef out of the room and then jump him back in. Click on the safe; which will start a new game. Keep restarting the games until an easy looking game comes up. The easy games usually have all of the red lights mostly bunched in one area and all of the green lights mostly bunched opposite (not with the red and green lights totally randomly scattered)
  • Some examples of easy games are given below (see the images that match the descriptions below)
  • Easy game 1 - (bottom circle clockwise 1 move)
  • Easy game 2 - (top right circle anticlockwise 1 move) (bottom circle clockwise 2 moves)
  • Easy game 3 - (bottom circle clockwise 1 move) (top left circle anticlockwise 1 move)
  • If all else fails just keep at it using trial and error. With practice this puzzle does become easier to solve and the circles can be ‘read’ before they are attempted.
Note: sometimes on some games it is easier to get the red lights on to the outside of the circles, rather than get the green lights into the centre triangle.


  • Inventory Item - Plunger Gun (required to move forwards in the game to the next Level)


  • In top of the triangle can be seen an alien.