Castle guard

The Castle Guard.

Drawbridge guard

The Drawbridge Guard.

Mean guard

The Mean Guard.

The Police Robots (or City Guards) are Characters in the game.

The Police Robots try to keep law and order in the old decaying city.


Each Guard encountered has a different type of personality but they are all loyal to the city law. They all have the same style of uniform with the star insignia on their chests and helmets.

List of in-game Police Robots:


The Police Robots seem to have been trying to maintain the law of the City for some time. This is shown in some of the flashback cut-scenes and also in the rusty dilapidated condition of some robots.


Game Start ScreenEdit

The first time that a Police Robot is seen is when one follows Josef to the city gate.


Two Police Robots are encountered at the Drawbridge.

Castle BridgeEdit

A Police Robot can be found guarding the entrance to the Elevator.


Various Police Robots are encountered in the flashback thought bubbles seen throughout the game.