Mini-game 11

The Plumbing Puzzle.

Mini-game 11 solved

The solution to the puzzle.

Spanner 3

The location of spanner 2.

Spanner 2

The location of spanner 3.

Mini-game 11 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

Mini-game 11 walkthrough book hint

The hint in the walkthrough book.

The Plumbing Puzzle (or Three Spanners Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 16. Bathhouse (level)


  • Next to the bottom of the ladder in the Bathhouse.


  • Click on the complex arrangement of pipes; the mini-game will appear on screen.


  • A complex arrangement of copper plumbing pipes and valves with water flowing through them. There are also six water flow indicators at the top of the arrangement. These will become black if no water is passing through them.



  • There are two parts to this mini-game as follows:
  • Part 1: find the missing Red Spanners.
    • Spanner 1 - is already on the plumbing puzzle.
    • Spanner 2 - is in the back of the engineering book that can be found in the drawer of the small wooden chest, located under where the Pipe Wrench Robot is sitting.
    • Spanner 3 - is in the pool drain at the bottom left of the screen. There is a small Wire Hook hanging on the plumbing puzzle that can be used to fish the red spanner out of the drain.
  • Part 2: solve the puzzle using the three Red Spanners using trial and error or by taking notes.
  • Shortcut cheat: see the images (to the right) for the solution to where the spanners should be placed to turn off the water to the Fountain.


  • No more water will go into the Fountain in Clock Square. (required to move on to the next Level)