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Pipe Wrench Robot
Pipe wrench robot.jpg


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Bathhouse

Plot Item(s)

  • Repaired Radio

The Pipe Wrench Robot asleep on the large pipe (top right)

The Pipe Wrench Robot is a Character in the game.

The Pipe Wrench Robot is an important character that will help Josef but only in return for a favour that it asks.


The Pipe Wrench Robot has a head similar in appearance to a pipe wrench or adjustable spanner. Its jaw is like the adjustable jaw of a wrench, it also has serrations or serrated teeth like the jaws of a pipe wrench. It has large eyes that look like the heads of slot-head screws. Strangely its body is not like the handle of a wrench but is composed of a number of flexible riveted joints. It has thin brown arms and legs. The Pipe Wrench Robot likes to listen to music and is sad and unhappy when it has no music to listen to. It also seems to sleep a lot if it has no music to enjoy.


The Pipe Wrench Robot was happily listening to some music on its radio. Suddenly the Black Cap Leader climbs down the ladder and enters the Bathhouse. He pulls out a sack then grabs the Pipe Wrench Robot’s radio and stuffs it in the sack. The Black Cap Leader then climbs back up the ladder making off with the radio. The Black Cap Leader takes the radio to his hideout in the Pub and puts it on a shelf in the Card Room, so then he and the Black Cap Brotherhood can enjoy some music when they play cards. This leaves the Pipe Wrench Robot without any music to listen to.



The Pipe Wrench Robot only appears in the Bathhouse and is first encountered sitting on a large pipe. When Josef first talks to the Pipe Wrench Robot it will tell the sad story of how its radio was stolen. It explains to Josef that it will only help Josef if Josef gets it some music to listen to. The Pipe Wrench Robot does give Josef some information about the Fountain and the Plumbing Puzzle. Josef must find and obtain the parts of a Broken Radio and then plug the Repaired Radio in the electric wall socket in the Bathhouse. When Josef has found some music on the radio that the Pipe Wrench Robot likes, the Pipe Wrench Robot will gladly help Josef to remove the large fitting at the base of the Fountain.