Mini-game 1

The Pipe Control Puzzle.

Mini-game 1 solved

The solution to the puzzle.

Mini-game 1 walkthrough book hint

The hint in the walkthrough book.

Mini-game 1 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

The Pipe Control Puzzle (or Two Dials Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 3. Bottom (level)


  • The small control panel on the left side of the door that the mine carts go into.


  • Josef must stand next to the small control panel and shrink down. Click the small control panel and the Mini-game will appear on screen.


  • A control panel with two dials; a dial with numbers (1-5) and a dial with letters (A-E). There is also a red button below the two dials. The dials will rotate when they are clicked.


  • To find the number-letter code by trial and error.


  • 2 A


  • Inventory Item - Wedge. The pipe machine will move the pipe to a lower hole. This will allow Josef to collect the wedge that is hanging from a hook that was previously out of reach.