Mini-game 6

The Oil Dispenser Puzzle.

Mini-game 6 solved

The solution to the mini-game.

Mini-game 6 walkthrough book hint

The hint in the walkthrough book.

Mini-game 6 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

The Oil Dispenser Puzzle (or Compass Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 9. Sea (level)


  • In the control booth above the prison entrance.


  • The mini-game Docks Hoist Puzzle in Level - 10 Docks (level) has to be solved before this Mini-game can be reached by Josef. Make Josef push the two stacked bales to the left and enter Level - 10 Docks (level) Push the bales under the magnetic hoist next to the Umbrella Woman. Solve the Docks Hoist Puzzle and lift the top bale up. Push the lower bale back to its original position in this Level - 9 Sea (level). Josef will now be able to climb on the bale and reach the ladder to the control booth. The Mini-game will appear on screen when Josef enters the booth.


  • This panel controls the oil dispenser that is floating in the harbour below the control booth. It is an oblong control panel with two main areas. On the left side is a circle of lights with a single light in the centre. On the right side is a compass indicator with a number of buttons around it. The two red buttons alter the direction that the oil dispenser will travel in. The top green button will make the oil dispenser move. The bottom button will dispense a drop of oil.


  • To dispense some oil next to the Dog on the other side of the harbour. The Dog will be attracted to the oil and start to lick it. This will bring the Dog within range of Josef’s Loaded Plunger Gun.


  • Use the two red buttons to set the compass arrow at 4 o’clock. Then press the top green button to make the oil dispenser move. When the oil dispenser is next to the far dock press the bottom oil dispenser button to dispense some oil.
Important note: dispense a few drops of oil, not just one drop of oil. This will keep the Dog busy, giving Josef time to climb down from the control booth and use the Loaded Plunger Gun.


  • Inventory Item - Dog (Inventory) required to move forwards in the game to the next level.