Mean Guard
Mean guard


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Cut-scene
  • Drawbridge

Plot Item(s)

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Mean guard on drawbridge

The Mean Guard crossing the Drawbridge after kicking Josef.

The Mean Guard is a Character in the game.

The Mean Guard first appears in a cut-scene and then at the start of Drawbridge (level) at the beginning of the game.


The Mean Guard looks like some other guards in the game. He has a cone shaped helmet on, with a bulb on top of it that blinks off and on. He has a thin head, with two small, cylinder-like eyes above a long frown that seems to have air holes beneath it. The Guard has a grey collar around his neck that sticks out, and a long body with long limbs. Around his arms he has long wristbands on, and a star emblem imprinted on his chest region. On his waist, he seems to have some sort of weapon, perhaps a baton maybe even a sword.



Suddenly appearing out nowhere, the Mean Guard follows Josef on the Winding Road into the City.


When Josef arrives at the Drawbridge, the Guard appears right behind Josef, kicking him out the way. The Mean Guard approaches the Drawbridge Guard, and requests the front gate to be lowered along with the Drawbridge. The Drawbridge Guard fulfills his request, and the Mean Guard walks onto the Drawbridge, jumps over a small puddle of oil, and then enters the city. He is never seen again.