Maintenance Robots
Maintenance robots


- Sometimes Important


- Sometimes Interactive


  • Elevator Stairway
  • Elevator

Plot Item(s)

  • Small Lightbulb
Maintenance robot 1

Small Vacuum Robot.

Maintenance robot 2

Small Brush Robot.

The Maintenance Robots are Characters in the game.

The Maintenance Robots are characters that have various roles in the game.


Maintenance Robots are small autonomous robots that spend most of their time doing various cleaning duties about the city. There are two types that the player can see:

  1. Small Vacuum Robot - is shaped like an old fashioned toaster. It has an emptying pull ring on the top and a large air grill at the back. It has four small wheels that it travels about on. On the front it has a red flashing light and a suction hose that is used to suck up dirt.
  2. Small Brush Robot - Has an egg-shaped body with the front half reddish colored and the back half bluish colored. On top of its back it has a green flashing light. It has a curved antenna with a knob on the end coming from its rear part. It has four small legs with suction-cup feet that it can use to climb on machinery and other surfaces. On the front of its body there is a flexible hose with a circular brush on the end that it uses to vigorously scrub surfaces.


Elevator StairwayEdit

Both types of Maintenance Robot can be seen busily at work cleaning in the Elevator Stairway area.


The Small Vacuum Robot plays an important role in the Elevator. If Josef throws some soil on to the carpet in the Elevator, a Small Vacuum Robot will come out of the small access door and vacuum up the dirt. If Josef then quickly picks up the robot he will pull the emptying handle and the robot will drop the Small Lightbulb (3-pin). This lightbulb is an important plot item required to complete the Elevator Control Box Puzzle Mini-game.

Maitenance robots cleaning

The Maintenance Robots at work (far left)