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16 October 2009 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, 8 September 2011 for iPad 2 on the App Store, 21 November 2011 for BlackBerry PlayBook, 10 May 2012 for Android, 6 September 2012 on PlayStation 3's PSN in Europe, 9 October 2012 in North America, 18 October 2012 in Asia, 26 March 2013 PlayStation Vita, 8 November 2012 Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and Android, 22 March 2014 Windows Phone,


Graphic Adventure




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City 1 - narrow

Machinarium is an indie puzzle game created by Amanita Design. The gameplay is point-and-click, and you play as a small robot named Josef who is sent to the scrap heap; his goal is to save the head of the city, defeat the evil Black Cap Brotherhood and rescue his girlfriend Berta. Travel through an industrial city full of robots and mechanical structures on an adventure to remember.


The story takes place in an old run-down decaying city inhabited by robots.


The city has many strange buildings but is dominated by the Castle, the tallest tower in the city. The Castle is the residence of a robot who is the Mayor of Machinarium. The Mayor looks after the city from his control room at the top of the Castle tower. The city also has a square with a fountain, a temple, many stairways, the docks area and outside of the city the junkyard.

The city is inhabited by many strange and unusual robot citizens. Josef a small friendly humanoid robot lives in this old city. He has a girlfriend named Berta that he has known for a long time. Josef and Berta are assistants to the Mayor and help him out sometimes. Josef was bullied by a group of three larger robots who have formed a gang called the Black Cap Brotherhood. The story of how they have bullied Josef is shown by flashbacks that appear throughout the game. The Black Cap Brotherhood, behind the backs of the city police, are often trouble to the citizens of the city.

Note: the plot of the story is gradually unfolded as the game progresses and it is only as the game is played through that the history behind the story begins to come to light.


The story begins with a view of the city from some distance away……..

A garbage robot can be seen, flying out of the city. It unloads its contents above what can be recognized as a Junkyard. As the camera cuts to a closer view of the yard, parts of a robot can be seen. The player can now control his surroundings. Josef, the robot that has apparently been dumped by the garbage bot, is gradually put back together by the player. After finding all parts with the help of a robot rat, Josef manages to swing across an oil pit and makes his way to a police outpost.