Loaded plunger gun

The Loaded Plunger Gun is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Loaded Plunger Gun is a short barrelled pistol that has a motorised winding spool with a long filament like a fishing line. For ammunition it uses a reusable Plunger (similar to a suction dart). When fired the Plunger will shoot out of the barrel and stick to what the gun has been aimed at. The motorised spool will wind the filament with the Plunger back to the gun after it has been fired.



The Loaded Plunger Gun can only be found in the Inventory.


The Loaded Plunger Gun can be obtained by combining the Plunger Gun and the Plunger together in the Inventory.


The Loaded Plunger Gun can be used to catch the pet Dog belonging to the Umbrella Woman.

Note: There is another Plunger Gun in the game: that gun is carried and used by the Black Cap Leader.