1. Junkyard

The Junkyard.

The Junkyard is a Location in the game.

The Junkyard is also the name of a level in the game: Junkyard (level)

The Junkyard is the location for the start of the game and is where the adventure begins.


The Junkyard is located in the wasteland far outside the City. There are piles, heaps and mountains of junk that can be seen going on far into the distance. The Winding Road leads from the Junkyard to the City.


The Junkyard is a vast rubbish dump of junk discarded from the City. It is mainly composed of scrap metal, robot parts, pieces of machinery and other waste material that the City has thrown out. There are also treacherous puddles and deep pools of water where things can be lost. Josef is not able to get wet and must find a way to cross any pools of water.

The Rodent, a small rat-like metal robot, can be seen looking for something in the junkyard.

The Flying Security Robot can be seen dumping junk onto the heaps of rubbish in the Junkyard.

The Josef look-alike robot can be seen in The Junkyard.