Mini-game 3

The Junction Box Puzzle.

Mini-game 3 solved

The solution to the mini-game.

Sparking wires

The sparking wires on the furnace.

Furnace Room - note on wall

The note on the wall.

Mini-game 3 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

Mini-game 3 walkthrough book hint

The hint in the walkthrough book.

The Junction Box Puzzle (or Swap Wires Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 4. Furnace Room (level)


  • By the small platform above the mine cart door.


  • Josef must stand next to the junction box on the small platform and open the junction box with the Junction Box Key; the Mini-game will then appear on screen.
Note: Josef will have to first use the furnace hoist grab to lift him up to the small platform. There is a note pinned to the wall below the small platform that will explain how to do this. (See: the image below "note on the wall" )


  • A small electrical junction box connecting a blue cable and a yellow cable. The box contains four terminal blocks with eight wires (4 black wires and 4 red wires)


  • To swap the wires by trial and error until the furnace hoist grab moves in the opposite direction.
Note: the electrical cable on the furnace will spark if the wires are incorrect. If Josef jumps down from the platform when the wrong wires are connected in the junction box, the hoist will not lift him back up to the platform. To get Josef back onto the platform the sparking wires on the furnace will have to be untwisted and re-connected the opposite way. Reminder: the sparking wires will have to be twisted back to their original position when the puzzle is finally solved.


  • Swap either the upper or the lower red and black wires on the left side of the junction box.


  • Josef will be able to use the furnace hoist grab to lift himself up and then climb out of the large exit pipe, allowing him to leave the furnace room and move to the next Level in the game.