Hint light bulb icon 2

Hint Icon.

The Game Hint Function is available on the in-game screen.

If the player should become stuck in a certain level of the game there is a hint function that can be used. On the right side of the Inventory at the top of the game screen there is a small ‘light bulb’ symbol. If this symbol is clicked, a hint will appear on the screen in the form of a cartoon ‘thought bubble’.

There is one hint for every level in the game to help guide the player.

The hint function should only be used if the player is really at a loss on how to proceed in the game.

There is also an in-game walkthrough book if the player should become really stuck on a level - see: Game Walkthrough Function.

Note: the levels - 25. Lobby (level) and 26. Restroom (level) share the same hint bubble but have different walkthrough pages in the in-game walkthrough book.