Flying Security Robot
Flying security robot


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Junkyard
  • Castle

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Flying security robot - junkyard

The Flying Security Robot in the Junkyard.

The Flying Security Robot is a Character in the game.

The Flying Security Robot is an important character that has an important role in the game.


The Flying Security Robot’s job in the City seems to be to capture criminals and take them to the Junkyard. When the Mayor of Machinarium was disabled by the Black Cap Leader the mayor was able to press an emergency button to call for help. The Flying Security Robot rushed to the Castle and tried to capture the Black Cap Leader. Unfortunately the Flying Security Robot captured Josef instead and took Josef to the Junkyard and then dumped him onto one of the many junk piles.


The Flying Security Robot is a very large flying metal robot that has an insect-like or lobster-like look to it. It has a long cylindrical body with riveted sections in the rear half. It has two glass canopies over cockpits that are angled on each side of the head and resemble eyes. It has a large flexible trunk-like hose for a mouth, which it uses to capture unwanted robots. It has four small landing legs below the main body. At the very rear of its body it has a radial segmented hatch that it can open to drop anything it has captured onto the Junkyard. It is not known if the Flying Security Robot is piloted by robots or is fully automated.



The first appearance of the Flying Security Robot is when it is seen flying from the City towards the Junkyard. It is then seen hovering over a pile of junk, its rear hatch opens and it then dumps Josef out onto the pile of rubbish.

Castle Edit

(in a cut-scene) See the History section above.