Flying Robots
Flying robots


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  • Game Start Screen
  • Final Cut-scene

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Flying robot 1

Flying Robot 1.

Flying robot 2

Flying Robot 2.

Flying robot 3

Flying Robot 3.

Flying robots - city

The Flying Robots in the wasteland outside the city.

The Flying Robots are Characters in the game.

The Flying Robots are minor characters that have no role in the actual gameplay in Machinarium.


The Flying Robots are small metal flying robots that have a propeller on top of their heads. They have large cylindrical heads, small bodies and tiny legs. They spend much of their time just standing in their favourite location. They will occasionally go for a short flight and then return to their favourite location.


Game Start ScreenEdit

The Flying Robots can be found on the Game Start Screen. They can be seen gathered in a small group near the Winding Road leading to the Junkyard that is in the wasteland far outside the City.

Note: If the player moves the cursor over a Flying Robot the robot will take off and start flying. One of the Flying Robots will fly far into the distance, fly around the back of the city and return to the foreground.

Final Epilogue Cut-sceneEdit

Flying Robots can also bee seen in the final epilogue cut-scene when they save Berta and Josef.