Flies (inventory)

The Flies are Inventory Items that can be used in the game.

The Flies are also Characters in the game. (See: Flies)


The Flies seem to be similar to ordinary flies; it is not known if they are mechanical flies.


Busker’s SquareEdit

The Flies can be found flying and buzzing over a large vat of green sludge that is outside the pub in Buskers’ Square.


Josef can go into the pub to collect the Flypaper that is hanging from a shelf. He can then take the Flypaper outside and collect some of the Flies flying over the vat of green sludge. Josef can do this by waving the Flypaper through the Flies making them stick to the Flypaper. He will then place the Flies into the Inventory by sucking them off the Flypaper.


Josef can use the Flies to distract the Barkeep in the pub who is keeping an eye on the oil drum standing next to the bar. When the Barkeep is distracted Josef will be able to “borrow” the oil drum and take it to the Drummer of the Robot Band located in Buskers’ Square.