Empty sunflower-oil oilcan

Not to be confused with the Empty Oilcan

The Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan is like an old metal brass oilcan. It has a long spout and a lid that can be opened for filling.


Clock SquareEdit

The Wheelchair Man has the Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan on his person.


When the Wheelchair Man has oiled his wheelchair with the ordinary oil from Josef the Wheelchair Man will offer the Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan to Josef.


To be filled with sunflower-oil. Josef must fill the Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan with sunflower-oil and transport the oil back to the Wheelchair Man. The Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan when filled with the special sunflower-oil will allow the Wheelchair Man to use the sunflower-oil on his metal leg joints, enabling him to stand up again. Obtaining the sunflower-oil will be a difficult and long task for Josef but the Wheelchair Man will thank Josef with some important rewards.