Empty oilcan

Not to be confused with the Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan

The Empty Oilcan is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Empty Oilcan is like an old metal brass oilcan. It has a long spout and a lid that can be opened for filling.


Clock SquareEdit

The Wheelchair Man has the Empty Oilcan on his person.


Josef must talk to the Wheelchair Man who will then offer the Empty Oilcan to Josef.


To be filled with oil. The wheels of the Wheelchair Man’s wheelchair are stuck and he cannot move his wheelchair off the manhole cover. The manhole cover leads to a new level; the Bathhouse. Josef will have to get some oil so that the Wheelchair Man can oil the wheels of his wheelchair. This will allow him to move his wheelchair off the manhole cover. (see: Full Oilcan on how to get the oil)