- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Buskers' Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Flies (Inventory)
  • Flypaper
  • Oil Drum
Robot band playing

The Drummer playing music in Buskers' Square.

The Drummer is a Character in the game.

The Drummer is an important character that is a member of the Robot Band.


The Drummer is a short humanoid robot with a big smile. It has a head that is bigger than its body and resembles a high-hat cymbal in a drum kit. The top part of its head is the top cymbal and has small happy eyes. The lower part of its head is the lower cymbal representing its jaw. The gap between the two cymbals is its big smiling mouth. It has a small cylindrical body thin greenish arms and legs and circular feet. The Drummer uses two hammer drumsticks when playing the drum. It is a member of the Robot Band and is the band’s drummer.


If Josef communicates with the Drummer the Drummer will explain why he has no drum to play. The Drummer was happily playing his drum when two members of the Black Cap Brotherhood came up to him. The Fat Black Cap took his drum and smashed it over the head of the Thin Black Cap. The Thin Black Cap removed the drum from its head and shoved the drum in the mouth of the Fat Black Cap. The Fat Black Cap swallowed the drum and the two bullies walked off leaving the Drummer without a drum to play.


Buskers' SquareEdit

The Drummer is encountered next to the City Gate in Buskers’ Square. It is standing with the other members of the Robot Band and is looking a little lost because it has no drum to play on. Josef will have to get something for the Drummer to play on. If Josef goes into the Pub in Buskers’ Square, there is an oil drum next to the bar that the Drummer can use as a drum. The Barkeep is keeping an eye on the oil drum therefore the Barkeep will have to be distracted. To do this Josef can collect the Flypaper that is hanging in the pub. He can then wave the flypaper over the vat of green sludge outside the pub and collect some Flies. He can use the Flies (Inventory) to distract the Barkeep and then ‘borrow’ the oil drum. The Drummer will then play on his new drum and the Angry Woman that lives above the City Gate will throw a flowerpot down from her window.