Drawbridge Guard
Drawbridge guard


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  • Drawbridge

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Drawbridge guard post

The Drawbridge Guard operating the drawbridge.

The Drawbridge Guard is a Character in the game.

The Drawbridge Guard is a normal guard that is stationed in front of the Drawbridge in front of the City Gate. His job is to simply open the front gate and lower the Drawbridge for any Police Robot guards that want to enter the city.


Like some of the guards in the city, the Drawbridge Guard looks the same. He has a cone shaped helmet on, with a bulb on top of it that blinks off and on. He has a thin head, with two small, cylinder-like eyes above a long frown that seem to have air holes beneath it. The Drawbridge Guard has a gray collar around his neck that sticks out, and a long body with long limbs. Around his waist he has a belt with a star in the middle.



The Drawbridge Guard only appears at the Drawbridge, where he first appears and then lowers the Drawbridge for a guard that is entering the city. When Josef asks the Drawbridge Guard to lower the bridge, he refuses, explaining that he only lowers the bridge for guards. After Josef obtains a fake Police Robot's Helmet, he asks again. The Drawbridge Guard falls for the trick, believing Josef to be an actual guard, he lowers the Drawbridge, letting Josef enter the city.