Dog (inventory item)

The Dog is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.

The Dog is also a Character in the game. (See: Dog)


The Dog is a small metal robot pet belonging to the Umbrella Woman.



The Dog can be found on the other side of the harbour port from Josef. It can be seen rummaging about by some oil drums on the dockside.


Josef cannot reach the Dog as it is on the other side of the port. He will have to complete some interesting tasks to finally be able to catch the Dog.

There are three main assignments that will have to be undertaken to catch the Dog:

  1. Josef will have to obtain the special gun to catch the Dog. Josef will have to get the parts required to assemble the special gun that will catch the Dog from a distance. (See: Loaded Plunger Gun)
  2. He will have to gain access to the control booth that controls the oil dispenser. (See: Docks Hoist Puzzle)
  3. Josef will have to attract the Dog nearer to him so that the Dog is within range of the Loaded Plunger Gun. (See: Oil Dispenser Puzzle)


Josef will have to catch the Dog so that he can return the Dog to the Umbrella Woman. When reunited with her Dog the Umbrella Woman will be overjoyed and keep the promise she made to Josef. She promised to give Josef her Umbrella if he finds and brings her missing pet Dog back to her. The Umbrella will allow Josef pass under the leaking water pipe so he can move on to the next level.