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  • Sea
  • Docks

Plot Item(s)

  • Loaded Plunger Gun
9. Sea

The Dog searching among the oil drums (far right)

The Dog is a Character in the game.

The Dog is also an Inventory Item in the game. (See: Dog (Inventory) )

The Dog belongs to another character, the Umbrella Woman.


In appearance, the dog does not have a special look to it. Its head is in the shape of a normal dog's head, with an opening where the mouth is, and two sad eyes. It has a cylinder body that is tinted a rusty red, and four thin legs. The dog also has a very short tail.



The dog first appears at the Sea, being on the other side of the harbour from where Josef is. It is behind an oil drum, looking around for something to eat or drink, and out of the way from Josef's sight. After Josef climbs up into the Oil Dispenser control booth, and moves the Oil Dispenser over to where the dog is, Josef drips oil onto the ground. In response, the dog walks over to the oil, and starts licking it up. Josef catches the dog using the Loaded Plunger Gun, and then takes it back to the Umbrella Woman.


The dog is brought back to the Umbrella Woman and handed over to her, she then starts to pamper the dog. It seems to be happy to be back with its owner. In return for bringing her Dog back the Umbrella Woman will give Josef her Umbrella.