Castle Guard's Pet
Castle guard's pet


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Castle Bridge
  • Castle (in cut-scene)

Plot Item(s)

  • Battery Pack
Castle guard

The Castle Guard with his pet.

The Castle Guard’s Pet is a Character in the game.

The Castle Guard’s Pet is a character found with the Castle Guard and plays an important role in the game.


The Castle Guard’s Pet is a small metal robot that behaves like a mechanical toy. It is a pale pink in color but is silver-grey where the paint has worn off. It has a large cubic head with large round friendly staring eyes. It has no nose but does have a small smiling oval mouth. On top of its head it has two large ears similar to dogs’ ears or bears’ ears. It has a small cubic body with a small grill on the front. It has small stocky arms and legs with small hands and feet. When it walks, it walks in a similar way to a toy mechanical robot.



The Castle Guard's Pet is seen in a cut scene.

(See: Castle Guard - History Section)

Castle BridgeEdit

The Castle Guard’s Pet is first encountered when the player finally exits the Glasshouse and crosses the bridge. The Castle Guard is holding the Pet in his arms and appears to be sad. The Castle Guard is stationed at the entrance to the Elevator of the Castle tower by Castle Bridge. If Josef approaches the Castle Guard the guard will explain to Josef that he needs a Battery Pack for his pet. He will show Josef that his pet just falls over when it tries to walk, because its battery has run down. If Josef does get the Battery Pack and give it to the Castle Guard the guard will put the Battery Pack in the back of his Pet. When the guard places his pet on the ground he will be overjoyed to see that his pet can now walk without falling over.

Note: the player must get the Battery Pack for the Castle Guard’s Pet to move on in the game.