Castle Guard
Castle guard


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Castle Bridge
  • Castle (in cut-scene)

Plot Item(s)

  • Battery Pack
22. Castle Bridge

The Castle Guard at his post by the Elevator door.

The Castle Guard is a Character in the game.

The Castle Guard is an important character that wants some help from Josef.


The Castle Guard has the appearance of being a big strong policeman, unlike the other guards who are of normal build. He has the same helmet with the flashing light and the same blue and white dilapidated uniform. His eyes are small and oval and he has a big strong jutting chin. He has broad shoulders on a massive body with short stocky legs. He has large forearms or he is wearing protective armour gauntlets or vambraces. He has a small pet, possibly representing a police dog, which he is worried about. (See: Castle Guard's Pet)


The Castle Guard’s duty was to protect the Castle tower and the Mayor of Machinarium. It was the Castle Guard and his Pet that came to see what the commotion was about when the Black Cap Leader disabled the Mayor. When he arrived at the scene of the crime he was too late to save the Mayor. He was also too late to save Josef being taken off to the Junkyard. He was also too late to stop Berta being kidnapped by the Black Cap Leader.


Castle BridgeEdit

The Castle Guard is stationed at the entrance to the Elevator of the Castle tower by the Castle Bridge. If Josef approaches the Castle Guard the guard will explain to Josef that he needs a Battery Pack for his Pet. He will show Josef that his Pet just falls over when it tries to walk, because its battery has run down. If Josef does get the Battery Pack and give it to the Castle Guard he will be delighted and let Josef enter the Elevator. The reason that the Castle Guard allows Josef to enter the Elevator is that Josef and Berta sometimes used to assist the Mayor.


In a cut-scene. See the History section above.