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  • Glasshouse

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Butterfly flying

The Butterfly fluttering around.

Butterfly close up

The Butterfly close up.

The Butterfly is a Character in the game.

The Butterfly plays an important role in the game when its purpose has been discovered.


The Butterfly has pale metallic-blue coloured wings, head and body. It has a number of red dots in a pattern on its wings. It has small black eyes and an easily visible coiled tongue. It usually sits on a handrail and occasionally flutters around the glasshouse for a while and then returns to the handrail.



The Butterfly can be found resting on the handrail of the platform inside the Glasshouse. The Butterfly is important in solving the Glasshouse Door Puzzle (or Butterfly Puzzle) which is a Mini-game that has to be completed. There is a door lock panel located next to the exit door with the butterfly pattern puzzle that has to be solved. It is a metal box with lights in the shape of the butterfly's wings and a pull switch in the shape of the butterfly’s body. The correct pattern of red lights must be discovered to open the door to the next level.

The slide projector will have to be powered by solving the Glasshouse Control Box Puzzle and then the Slideshow Cassette 1 and Slideshow Cassette 2 will have to be  used to find the correct patteren of red lights for the door puzzle.

Note: there is a shortcut cheat that can be used as follows: Josef can use the Magnifying Lens to inspect the butterfly when it is resting on the handrail of the platform.

Butterfly slide

The Butterfly shown on the projector screen.