Broken radio

The Broken Radio is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Broken Radio is a small radio that can be picked up but it is not portable and does not use batteries. It has an electric lead and plug that can be plugged into an electric mains socket. It has a brown case with a short metal aerial on the top at one corner, a window or dial showing the radio station and two knobs or push-buttons. It also has a large round hole where a missing loudspeaker should be located.


Buskers’ SquareEdit

The Broken Radio can be found on the ground near the City Gate.


To get the Broken Radio Josef will have to help the Didgeridoo Player in the Robot Band. When Josef speaks to the Didgeridoo Player it shows that it is unable to play because there is a Rodent in the didgeridoo. If the didgeridoo is clicked on, a view of the inside will be shown and the red eyes of the Rodent can be seen. The only way that the Rodent can be removed is for Josef to go to the Arcade Bridge and capture the Cat. If Josef returns with the Cat he can put the Cat in the didgeridoo and the Cat will chase the Rodent out. The Didgeridoo Player will then play and the Angry Woman that lives above the City Gate will throw a radio out of her window. The radio will smash on to the ground and Josef will be able to just pick up the Broken Radio. Unfortunately the radio will not work because the loudspeaker is missing.


The Broken Radio can be repaired to make the Repaired Radio for the Pipe Wrench Robot.