Black Cap Brotherhood
Black cap brotherhood


- Main Antagonists


- Interactive Character and Non-interactive Characters


  • Many locations

Plot Item(s)

  • Various

The Black Cap Brotherhood are Characters in the game.

The Black Cap Brotherhood are the main antagonists in the game.


The Black Cap Brotherhood are like gangsters and often cause trouble in the City. They have a hideout behind the Pub in a room where they drink and gamble at cards. They also have a secret jail in the Docks area where they construct the Bomb for their plot to take over the City. They plan to destroy the Castle where the Mayor of Machinarium governs and looks after the City. They all wear black headgear as a sign that they belong to the brotherhood.

There are three members in the gang:


The Black Cap Brotherhood have been a thorn in the sides of the citizens and police for some time. This is shown in the flashback cut-scenes that are encountered in the game.


The black Cap Brotherhood make many appearances in the game.