16. Bathhouse 2

The Bathouse.

The Bathhouse is the sixteenth level in the game.

Main Features

  • Ladder to Clock Square
  • Fountain base and large pipe
  • Screw cap at base of Fountain
  • Plumbing valves (mini-game)
  • Small wooden chest with a drawer
  • Electrical socket on wall
  • Engineering book
  • Bathing pool
  • Bathing pool drain
  • Bathing pool overflow pipe


Inventory Items (5)



  • To get some music for the Pipe Wrench Robot
  • To see the Black Cap Brotherhood in their hideout
  • To turn off the water to the Fountain


If you open the faucet early without fishing out the third Red Spanner with the hook, the Pipe Wrench Robot will cough up a Red Spanner after you opened the faucet with him. This happens to prevent you from being stuck.