- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Pub and Card Room

Plot Item(s)

  • Flies (Inventory)
  • Oil Drum
12. Pub and Card Room

The Barkeep at the bar in the Pub.

The Barkeep (or Barkeeper) is a Character in the game.

The Barkeep is an important character that has to be tricked into giving something useful that Josef requires.


The Barkeep has a large ovoid head with a small aerial on top. It has large light sockets for eyes with protruding light bulbs. It has a large turned-down mouth that looks unfriendly. It seems to be wearing a lilac coloured costume with two rows of rivets like buttons, short sleeves and a roll neck or small ruff. Its arms end in what appear to be strong pincher type claws. The Barkeep often cleans the bar counter top with a cloth. He will not give free drinks and keeps a watchful eye on the large oil drum standing next to the bar.


Pub and Card RoomEdit

If Josef asks the Barkeep for an oil drink the Barkeep will tell Josef that a drink will cost three gold Coins. Josef does not have three gold Coins so the Barkeep does not serve Josef. Outside the pub the Drummer of the Robot Band explains to Josef how his drum was stolen and that he has no drum now to play on. Josef must then work out how to get a drum for the Drummer. Josef must go into the pub and take the Flypaper that is hanging from a shelf. He must then go back outside, go to the large vat of green sludge and wave the Flypaper through the many Flies flying over the vat. Josef will then have a swarm of Flies (Inventory) in his Inventory that he can use. He can then go back into the pub and release the Flies near the Barkeep. This will distract the Barkeep allowing Josef to ‘borrow’ the large oil drum next to the bar. Josef can then take the oil drum to the Drummer to be used as a new drum.

  • Note: Josef will later in the game obtain two gold Coins which are still not enough to buy a drink. Also the Barkeep has had the oil drum stolen and is no longer selling oil drinks.