Angry Woman
Angry woman


- Important Character


- Non-interactive Character


  • Buskers' Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Sunflower Plant
  • Broken Radio
Angry woman 2

The Angry Woman at her window above the City Gate (top left)

The Angry Woman is a Character in the game.

The Angry Woman plays an important role in the game and proves to be helpful even though she does not intend being helpful.


The Angry Woman has the appearance of a large robust humanoid female robot. She has a large oval head with pink round tapered ears. Her eyes are round and pink with a deep serious frown above them. She has a large round mouth with pink lips when she is shouting. She is wearing a low cut pink summer dress showing a heavy cleavage. When angry she will frantically wave her thin arms about as though she is shaking her fists in frustration. She will also shout very quickly in anger and frustration.


Buskers' SquareEdit

The Angry Woman has an upper floor apartment above the City Gate. She has a window with a view overlooking the Square. On her window sill she has two plant pot holders that are important in the game. She also has a radio in her apartment that is an important plot item.

The Angry Woman will appear on three separate occasions, shouting at the Robot Band below her window.

  • First appearance - when the Drummer gets the oil drum from Josef and starts to play on the drum, the Angry Woman will lean out of the window, complain about the drumming and throw a flowerpot down.
  • Second appearance - when the Saxophone Player gets the five Saxophone Keys from Josef and starts to play the saxophone she will again lean out of the window, complain about the playing and throw a flowerpot with a Sunflower Plant down.
  • Third appearance - when the Didgeridoo Player is finally able to play the didgeridoo she will for the last time lean out of the window, complain about the playing and throw her radio down.

She is not seen again even though all three members of the Robot Band are now able to play their music all the time.