Angry Fan
Angry fan sleeping


- Important Character


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  • Wall - top

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Angry fan

The Angry Fan asleep at the top of the Wall.

Angry fan puzzle character

The Angry Fan with a propeller puzzle to be solved.

The Angry Fan is a Character in the game.

The Angry Fan plays an important role in the game and proves to be useful when it is eventually discovered what it hates.


The Angry Fan is a large metal air ventilation fan that has an air duct connecting it to the Glasshouse. It has a cubic shaped head and body with grill slots on the sides of its body. It has small short cylindrical eyes that can independently move and see in different directions. In the centre of its face representing its mouth is a large circular opening which has a rotating fan blade with four blades. From the top of its head is the air duct that connects the Angry Fan to the Glasshouse. The air duct is large enough for Josef to manoeuvre through. The Angry Fan seems to like spending much of its time sleeping and has to be roused to be interacted with.


Wall - topEdit

The Angry Fan is found at the very top of the Wall on the outside of the Glasshouse. The Angry Fan will give a series of cartoon ‘thought bubbles’ about different propeller puzzles (See: Angry Fan Puzzle). Solving the puzzles will allow Josef to gain access to the next level; the Glasshouse.